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Arhea was founded in 2007 by the former co-owners of GfK Slovenia.

Arhea combines and integrates the expertise of experienced market researchers and marketing and business development consultants.

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We place great emphasis on the impact of research on business development. Our advice is based on data and research.

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Market entry strategies and reaching foreign markets

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All core members of our team are researchers, bringing together years of experience and expertise in various industries.

We complement our knowledge with analysts and domain experts, with whom we have been collaborating for many years. We involve them in projects based on the specific requirements of the client or the research at hand.

Years of collaboration with various companies from different industries and markets, along with regular internal training and our inherent curiosity, have developed us into experts in various fields.

The size of our research team allows us to specialize in specific areas, such as retail, finance, tourism, B2B, and sustainability.

Looking from within often presents certain limitations. It can happen that you view a problem too narrowly or from the wrong perspective, or you might have a approach in mind that is not the most effective path to the desired solution.

Therefore, we do not take your brief as final and instead, we aim to work together with you to get to the core of the problem and find the most optimal path to the solution and implementation.

In cases where the path to the problem is challenging, we can organize an internal workshop for you and guide your team in defining the problem and objectives.

We are well aware that successful sales are the key to the health of companies, and we always keep this in mind when designing research projects. In the majority of our research studies, the ultimate broader objective is improved sales, so we tailor our research in a way that allows you to use the results to achieve this goal. Furthermore, we always provide guidance on how to convert the findings into actionable sales objectives.

Moreover, we are experts in using research as a sales tool, which is crucial when it comes to studying our own customers. This approach ensures that the research insights are effectively utilized to drive sales strategies and enhance overall business performance.

Having a good brief does not mark the end of our collaboration with the client.

We are continuously available, involving you in the research processes, and assisting you in implementing the results.

With years of experience serving as internal market researchers for Slovenian companies, we understand the needs of your teams and how to support other functions within the company to ensure that the data your company already possesses or aims to acquire is used most effectively. Our goal is to help you make the most out of the research insights, ensuring they are integrated seamlessly into your business strategies and decision-making processes.

Arhea serves as a centre of research knowledge, which is essential for maintaining the quality of our services.

To conduct quantitative research on the general population, we collaborate with specialized research agencies. This approach allows us to be more flexible and focused on the most crucial aspects of the research, while also enabling our clients to benefit from more competitive prices for research execution.

As a result, we regularly engage with different research agencies to carry out research projects on behalf of our clients. This ensures that we can consistently deliver high-quality research outcomes while leveraging the expertise and capabilities of these agencies.

we are

Market Experts

Geni Arh

director, partner

Clients and colleagues
value the most about Geni:

Certainly her perspective on business problems, which is usually from a different angle to others. She can link information quickly, systematically and logically, and she is very communicative and direct. One of her long-standing clients recently told her that he had “grown up” with her, that he had learned everything he knows about research today. And he knows a lot.

Meta Arh

senior expert, partner

Clients and colleagues
value the most about Meta:

She has been praised for her qualities to explain complicated things very simply and clearly. She is results-oriented and brings systematicity, order and consistency on the projects and cooperation with clients. Her extensive experience and expertise empower her to specialize in large-scale projects.

Petra Oseli

business development

Clients and colleagues
value the most about Petra:

One of her clients’ words describe her well: “you get things done”. She makes sure that things are done and ideas are realized, with analytical approach and attention to detail. Clients appreciate her professionalism, entrepreneurial mindset, strategic view and expertise in b2b markets.

Anže Arh


Clients and colleagues
value the most about Anže:

What sets him apart are a wide-ranging perspective on various topic, a real interest in business and marketing, creativity, decisiveness, and, of course, a good sense of humor.

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